What To Know

We’re excited to have you join us for the 2017 Tour de Riverton. Everything you need to know is listed below to have a great event.

What to Bring

The Tour de Riverton is a great first event for many cyclists. It is low-key and in our own backyard so you can know what to expect. Here are a few items you’ll definitely want to bring to this and any other event.

  • Bike in good tuned up condition. If you haven’t been on the bike for a while, take it for a quick spin around the block today. Make sure everything is in working order. Pump up those tires to the pressure recommended on the side of the tires. Road bikes ought to be in the 100psi neighborhood, mountain and crossover bikes in the 40-60psi range. Make sure the brakes stop, and the shifting is working properly.
  • Helmet. Helmet is required for all participants.
  • Water. It is July and hot. It is a rule of thumb to drink one bottle of water per hour, and more when it is hot. On a 25 mile ride like the TDR, two bottles should be sufficient. Bring two full bottles and we will have refill stations available. A Camelbak-type bag isn’t a bad idea either.
  • Food. Bring a granola bar, Clif bar, GU pack, Snickers, whatever to keep you energized along the ride. It’s not an easy ride and a little food can bring you right back if you start to fade. We will have a few things at the rest stops to help.
  • Flat tire changing supplies. Even if you don’t feel comfortable changing your flats on your own, nice people can help you if you have the supplies to do so. This will include a spare tube or two, a CO2 inflator or hand pump, patch kit, and tire levers. A nice tip is to bring a pair of disposable gloves so your hands don’t get filthy in the event of a mechanical mishap.
  • Sunscreen. If you like sunburns, ignore the sunscreen.
  • Sunglasses. Cyclists wear glasses to reduce glare and squinting, and also to protect their eyes from all kinds of things.
  • Identification and money. In the event that there is a problem, it is always a good idea to have proper identification on you at all times when you ride.
  • Cell phone. The ultimate repair tool. Put it in a plastic bag to prevent moisture damage from sweat.

The Course

  • The course is published on the Course page on this website. You may also view the route on Strava. If you have a compatible smartphone or Garmin device, you can add the map into your device.

    The Tour de Riverton is an open road course. It is not closed or marked off for riders. We are sharing the road with cars on a busy travel day. We have tried to avoid as many intersections and major roads as possible. Please obey all traffic rules and use good judgement. Please don’t rely on the “they can’t hit all of us” mentality, it does not work very well.

    The course will be marked with roadside signs, colored stickers on the road, and some chalk on the street. Please become familiar with the course before starting so you don’t miss a turn.

  • New Registrations

    Online registration close the evening of on June 30th. You will be able to register at early packet pickup at the Riverton Infinite Cycles (times listed below). You will also be able to register from 6:00am to 6:30am at the check in desk at Riverton City Park – see the map here. We will be accepting credit cards and exact change cash only. T-shirts are not guaranteed if you did not register before June 18th, but a number of extra items will be available on a first come, first served basis to late online registrations and new registrations.

  • Early Check In

    Those of you that registered online will have an easy check in. We will hold packet pickup from 6-7pm on Monday July 3rd at Infinite Cycles in Riverton (3818 W 13400 South in Riverton – click for map). You will need to sign an indemnification waiver/liability release. You can download, print, and fill out a copy to save time at check in (link below). You will be allowed to pick up for someone else if they fill out the waiver and you bring it in. Please don’t abuse this trust.

    You do not need to have a printed copy of your registration or confirmation information. We have all of that information available from RegTix.com.

Required Waiver

Download and fill out the 2017 Tour de Riverton release/waiver now to save time at check in or registration. Everyone that participates in the Tour de Riverton must turn in a completely filled out and signed waiver.

Shirt Size Exchanges

We order shirts according to the size you specified during registration. If you would like to change the size, you may exchange with shirts in the first come pile. We will not reorder these shirts so when they are gone, they are gone forever.

  • Before the Ride

    Parking is available in designated areas at Riverton City Park. If you live in the area, we encourage you to ride to the park to help reduce the amount of cars parking. If you did early check in, you don’t need to do anything but show up on the morning of the ride. For parking at Riverton City Park see the map here.

    If you did not check in, you will be able to check in from 6:00 – 6:30am before the ride.

  • After the Ride

    The finish line is on 12800 South if friends and family want to be there for photos, etc. Riverton City and the sponsors of Riverton Town Days are providing refreshments for TDR participants near the finish line. Riverton City also has their annual chuckwagon breakfast in the park. Plan on attending with your family. It is fun and delicious!